What should be such a fun search in trying to find a new horse, can actually be very frustrating. Nothing is more common in the horse market than being over-sold and under-delivered. In this case, I was under-sold and over-delivered! Birthe was honest, professional, and helpful in every aspect. I ended up with the horse of my dreams - and she ends up with my endorsement!
Debbie M.

When I found myself without an equine partner at a time I couldn't possibly get away to shop, I wasn't worried. Birthe Laufer knew my riding well, and she was familiar with my physical limitations; I knew she'd find the perfect horse for me, within my budget, whether or not I accompanied her. I was right, too. I couldn't have found a better horse if I'd made a list of my dream horse's characteristics: young but steady, big mover but comfortable to sit, forward but attentive to the aids, and most of all, kind. Gorgeous wasn't even on my list, but Beau Loxley is that, too. Birthe exceeded my expectations with Beau, and I wholeheartedly recommend her, both as a trainer and an agent.
Dr. Gay Walker, M.D.

I purchased La Coruna, a Hanoverian mare, in May of 2011.  On the recommendation of Christine Traurig I went to Birthe Laufer’s barn and began training with her.  It has been a wonderful experience.  I feel that I have learned so much from Birthe.  She trained in Germany before she came to the United States.  I appreciate her attention to the training scale.  She is a stickler for making sure the horses are through.  This is first and foremost in her training.  Since she is so disciplined about this the horses move with grace and beauty through their exercises.  She understands each horse’s personality and trains them accordingly.  I have never seen her be unfair to any horse.

She is also very demanding on how a rider should train their horse.  During my lessons I have learned in a very specific ways how to use my aids.  I have appreciated this because I know that La Coruna will only respond correctly when my aids are correct.  It’s a wonderful feeling when all things work together to make a beautiful partnership. 

On a personal note, I find Birthe to be a person of depth.  She is very straight forward in her dealings with people.  She takes her job very seriously and doesn’t compromise on what she feels is best for the horses.  I am so grateful that I am able to train with her.
Mary Carr

Buying a horse can be very stressful. Will it be the right one? Will the sales agent be honest and forthcoming? Will the horse have any mental or physical limitations? Will I pay too much? These are some of the many questions people have when they are buying a horse. Over the last 8 years our family has bought, sold and leased horses. This process was not always enjoyable; however, recently we had the pleasure of purchasing a beautiful Oldenburg from Birthe Laufer. She made the experience such a joy! She was very professional, experienced and caring. She was helpful by answering questions and making the horse available to ride and get to know. Her staff was also helpful by answering questions about the horse’s temperament and telling us exactly what type of feed and treats he liked. During the purchase Birthe was approachable; she promptly responded to our phone calls, was always honest and negotiated the transaction very professionally and with the utmost integrity. I think it ended up being a win-win for both buyer and seller. I would gladly buy another horse from Birthe any day!

Thank you!
Julie Burtech

Over the years, we have had occasion to purchase several horses in Germany.  Our first trip using Birthe was to find a 'retirement ride' for Larry.  With her expert guidance, we selected "Unochico", a 10-year KWPN, from among many good candidates, and what a treasure he has proved to be.
Later, when we decided to buy a younger dressage horse for Sarah, we again enlisted Birthe's help.  We looked both near and far, and in the end, we found our fabulous "Zirkoon", a 7-year old KWPN, in northern Holland.  After looking at young horses both near and far, needless to say, this trip was by far our easiest and most successful.  Birthe's guidance and assistance were invaluable in our finding a well-developed and schooled young horse, ready for further training to the upper levels.  Since his arrival here, Zirkoon has confirmed all our expectations, and continues to develop under Birthe's excellent training.  
Based upon our experience, we wouldn't think of making a purchase without Birthe's direct assistance and advice.
Sarah and Larry Campbell

Birthe is a talented rider and trainer who customizes her training to each horse and individual and is good with horses of all ages. She has good analytical skills and finds the best way to work with the horses that might previously have had issues with another trainer.  She took my own horse from being the one in the barn that never showed because no one believed in him to the two of them becoming the 3rd level Circuit Champions in 2009 for the San Diego chapter. 
Lisa Blanchard, Realtor, ABR, SFR

I came over from Holland to live with Birthe. We met when she was on a horse buying trip. When I first arrived in the US, I was really scared. Everything was new and I didn’t know Birthe or even the language everyone spoke! But since that time, things have really looked up! I love Birthe and Jeremy! I get to be at a cool stable all day with Birthe and her fun clients.At the end of the day, I get to go hunting for squirrels.  Everyone gives me a scratch behind the ears or a pat on the head when they come out to ride. The horses are really nice and make sure they don’t step on me. Plus I get to travel too. I go with Birthe to horseshows all over southern California.  I’m a very lucky guy.
Zoomie, Jack- Russel Mix