Imports and Sales

With her extensive connections in Germany offering a wide selection of talented dressage horses, Birthe offers purchasing trips to Europe to find your perfect equine partner.  Birthe’s #1 goal in selecting potential horses for her clients is rideability. For Birthe, rideability describes a horse that is light, supple, and relaxed to ride; the hallmark of correct dressage training.

In addition to her contacts throughout Germany, Birthe, in partnership with Josef Freese, offers an excellent selection of horses to the U.S. dressage market. Go to for more information.

If you have a horse that you would like to sell, Birthe can handle all aspects of selling your horse. Since each horse is unique, an initial assessment is made and from that an individualized plan for the horse is created. This approach has proven successful in finding perfect matches for both horse and rider.