Birthe Laufer, Bereiter FN, NSCA-CPT,Owner Birthe Laufer Dressage

  • Licensed German Bereiter and successful FEI Competitor
  • Trainer to riders and horses of all abilities up to FEI
  • Expertise in all aspects of horse management and care
  • Expertise in young horse starting/development
  • Sales and buying trips to Europe
  • Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

German born Birthe Laufer is an FEI competitor, coach and trainer. Her background in horsemanship is grounded in the German classical principles of riding. Throughout her career, she has worked with top-notched dressage professionals in Germany. She advanced not only her riding skills but gained a keen understanding of horse care management as well. This knowledge she effectively uses on every horse in her care whether it be a talented sporthorse or a backyard companion, horses under her care shine.

Along with her classical European roots in dressage, she is also a certified personal trainer. Interested human fitness and how it relates to the rider’s ability to more effectively influence the horse; she studied and passed the NSCA certification exam for Personal Training. With this expertise, she helps clients learn more about fitness, health, and its positive impact on their riding.

As a young adult in Germany, she competed with her horses in her regional dressage circuit. She was Champion of the Brandenburg Dressage Circuit in 1998 and 2000. In 2000, she was selected to become a member of the German D-Kader, an organization that selects talented young riders and grooms them for higher level competitions through sponsored clinics with the German National Coach and other talented trainers. During this time, she worked primarily with riding master Josef Freese, a student of Josef Hinnemann and Albert Stecken.

From 2001 to 2003, she interned with several highly accomplished German trainers furthering her knowledge and skills. She worked with Riding Master Franz-Josef Dahmen, an international Grand Prix Dressage competitor at his training and competition barn in Aachen. Next, she worked with Reitlehrer Ralph Michael Rash, the former head trainer of the German Riding School in Warendorf. And, finally, she worked with Reitlehrer Wieger de Boer, an international Grand Prix Dressage competitor located in Hamburg.

In 2003, Birthe started her apprenticeship for her Bereiter’s license, a two year commitment. From 2003-2005, she worked at Reitlehrer Josef Freese’s show and sales barn in Vechta, Germany. At his barn, she started and prepared young horses for Keurings and Licensing. She showed many horses in hand, handled young stallions and trained them in free jumping. One of her career highlightswas while she worked at Mr. Freese’s stable. On her own, she started and prepared five young mares for their licensing. Birthe presented these mares under saddle and in free jumping at the German Oldenburg Verband’s center in Vechta. Three of these mares received the desirable State’s Premium award and two were awarded the Elite Mare status, a respected accomplishment since Elite Mare status is only given yearly to the top 15 Oldenburg mares in Germany.

At Mr. Freese’s facility, Birthe often presented sale horses to prospective clients and regularly prepared horses for the well-reputed Vechta Auctions, the central marketplace for German Oldenburg Sporthorses. Her education included horse health, nutrition, and facility management.

In the summer of 2005, Birthe traveled to Warendorf, Germany where she took and passed the comprehensive and demanding two week exam for her Bereiter’s license.

Desiring to travel abroad before starting her Veterinarian studies, in the fall of 2005, Birthe traveled to the U.S. At the recommendation of the head of the Oldenburg Verband, she stayed for a couple of months with Debbie Smith in Vermont. Ms. Smith is a former long-listed Eventer and Dressage Rider. Later, she traveled to Southern California to train with Jürgen and Jennifer Hoffmann at German Dressage. In 2007, she was offered and accepted a full time position to work for them.
In 2011, Birthe opened her own training business. Birthe Laufer Dressage is now located at Caballos Del Mar in Encinitas.

Commitment to Learning
A good trainer and teacher is focused on continually expanding their skills to excel in their field. As the teacher grows, so does the student. To this end, Birthe works closely with her coach and mentor Olympian Christine Traurig.  Birthe’s students benefit from her deepening knowledge and expertise as well.

Commitment to you
Birthe currently has a few openings for training. If you enjoy the journey of dressage, the beauty and ridability of a classically trained horse, then Birthe Laufer Dressage may be the place for you. Birthe is strongly committed to her students and the horses in her care.